Emark group® is the largest “Travel Network” in Mexico for the leisure traveler dedicated to provide outstanding customer service and memorable experiences in the most important beach resorts and cities within the country.

Our efforts are focused in Customer Service, Logistics Performance, Marketing Consultancy, Sales Planning, Resource Management and Operations. Focused to serve the most important tourism segments all over destinations where we render services; thus having the right direction within our core tourist segments.

As a DMC “Destination Management Company”, we are an extension of your company, representing and rendering any local ground service requirements accordingly the prestigious image that your company symbolizes accordingly nature business segment.

“FIT”; originally acronym stood for “foreign independent tour,” but now it is most commonly used to describe a fully independent traveler or tourist or “free independent traveler”, “frequent independent traveler,” or “foreign independent traveler.” or “ fully.

All of these definitions share a key word and concept: independent. These travelers almost always design their own itineraries and arrange their own travel plans. You might also see the term (FITs) full inclusive tour packages.

For emark group ® is an important part of the individual leisure traveler segment for us excelling our personalized concierge customer service. Today traveling individually can be very attractive. Nowadays are multiple options where a potential traveler can choose from, such as itinerary scheduled programs to electronic travel options; prices range according to the day a flight is booked as well as the category of the hotel.

Charters; another version of travel, less expensive and convenient, since many of them originate within cities that do not have a direct connection to a resort destination, the frequencies are sometimes four to seven nights a week. The consumer has the possibility to obtain better quality of hotel properties, sightseeing tours and entertainment, since prices based in volume. At emark group® we had serviced the most important and robust Charter firms for its programs in Mexico within thousands of travelers simultaneously in our different destinations.

Crafting Services to Perfection.

Emark Group® is a Dynamic DMC with an extense variety of services providing at is best fulfilling all requirements before, during and after your event.

Group Activities.

Accordingly with the profile group and the desired achievements, we will be suggesting the best and enjoyable group activities to the participants in order to experience special activities to participate, which they can actively relate within determined type of program generating fun and enjoyable memories. Our network is capable of handling tour groups in one or several destinations in Mexico, even in remote places, including archeological sites or any other particular interest within different program types.

Corporate events

Planning event from A to Z, handling every detail, so you can focus in what is important… Your company, our event planners will make it happen, focusing desired results, surpassing expectative with creativeness while completing your goal. Developing large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, brand studying, target audience, devising event concept, logistics planning & coordinating technical aspects before actually launching the event and more.

Incentive Programs

In this particular segment; creativity is the number one ingredient in lieu to achieve memorability in this kind of events. Producing events at unique and spectacular venues such as museums, archaeological sites landmarks while building interaction with participants it is just some details to evoke an unforgettable moment.

Specific details mark big differences to obtain exceptional results. Emark group ® throughout its Network organizes awards for organizations and to their outstanding personnel, mostly from sales department whose exceeded their goals.

The philosophy for this kind of trip is offering something extraordinary that they could hardly make in an individual way. It´s a motivational tool and part of an integral Incentive program that is more on demand each day.

Meeting Planning

Emark group® is your best alternative in Mexico to have an exceptional and unmatched gearing alliances synergizing with our partner companies performing successfully and memorable events. We also service nationwide performing successful events, at emark group® we had developed a specialization area for this kind of segment while planning our logistics, which is the most important element within this segment; minimum details may mark big differences in lieu to obtain exceptional results.

Congresses & Conventions

Due our infrastructure, we are capable handling large congresses; we work closely with the organizing committee assisting with transportation of all participants from hotels to convention centers and or venues. Welcome banners, and signage at airports and hotels are set up, our staff will be on hand to provide pertaining information to the congress activities from day one to the last participant.

Featured segment services such as: hotel rates, special venues, on-site registration, Signage, Booth production, Stand and module displays, AV Systems, DMC Services (Airport transfers, rotating transportation, excursions and special events) VIP’s personalized transportation and special programs, specialized and tailored services, specialized software development and more.

Today, Emark Group takes place as the best Business-to-Business network in Mexico underlining in conjunction action plans and logistics following timeliness and planning in advance.



Mexico is the most Romantic Country to be married; there are hideaways at many of the most charming destinations in the beaches of the Pacific or Caribbean; as well as the Colonial Cities have unique and original historical sites to celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion.
Having proper elements to provide a complete wedding program from A to Z, fulfilling all of the whishes, even to the wildest ones. We are proud to confirm that these have always become memorable. We at Emark Group are specialists in arranging the dream of your life to come true, anywhere in Mexico.


A la carte Leisure Services

Luxurious Yacht rentals; having a large selection of Yachts & Deep sea fishing boats accordingly your budget, mainly in Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Ixtapa, Huatulco, Cancun & Riviera Maya. Take advantage devising dolphins, whales “seasonally” or just jump in & snorkel while your trip.

Villa rentals; Luxurious fully equipped selected villas. Stay like royalty in a beachfront villa mainly in Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Ixtapa, Huatulco, Cancun & Riviera Maya. Butler, Chef & Maid available in most of all. Please contact us to experience a memorable experience.

Hotels; within more than 120,000 affiliated worldwide hotels with competitive prices. Concierge booking hand to hand accordingly your interests, type of room, season and budget, best available rates due our intelligent dynamic system overlooking thousands of deals.

Travel Packages; Tailor made accordingly your interest & budget worldwide hand to hand assistance to find the best deal for you. Hotel + transfers, Hotel + flights + transfers + tours or needed.

Travel Circuits; Take advantage get to know different cities in one journey at the most rich & cultural sites in our pre-established multicultural circuits. Learn different customs & traditions. Experience life in local villages, participate in handcrafts elaboration or cooking lessons, taste different savors.

Circuits vary from duration. Includes; hotels, transportation, attractions, meals & more.

Cruises; Relax on board in our different Cruise selected lines available. Enjoy different places and views while you are serviced in an all-inclusive journey navigating in the seas.

Planning event from A to Z

At Emark Group® you can rely in us, we will handle every detail, so you can focus in what is important… Your company, our event planners will make it happen, focusing desired results, surpassing expectative with creativeness while completing your goal.