Incentive Programs

Incentive Programs

In this particular segment; creativity is the number one ingredient in order to produce; memorable theme parties, built team interaction programs, events at spectacular or unique venues; museums, archeological sites and landmarks. The additional revenue that produces this specialized market segment is very attractive, sometimes even with small deluxe programs that want to pay top dollar.

emark group® throughout its network organizes awards that commercial organizations grant to their outstanding elements, mostly from the sales department. Participants are those that managed to exceed their goals. The philosophy of this kind of trip is to offer something extraordinary that they could hardly make in an individual way. A motivational tool forms part of an integral incentive program that is more on demand each day.

Follow- up and deadlines have been always met when operating a program. We provide a hospitality desk full time covered with specialized Incentive Travel Personnel. We ensure that airport transfers, including VIP services, as well as all functions in and out of the properties, are done in an efficient manner. Here our communications plays an important part ensuring a smooth efficient operative running program.

All quotations and requests are funneled through our main office to evaluate the needs of the program and to fit the most suitable functions and activities, including the theme parties that we had developed at every destination.

As background in this segment Emark group® participated actively with the Society of Incentive Travel Executives (SITE) since 1982. As Vice President of SITE, E.C. senior helped creating the Mexico chapter pursuing business from this market segment, as well as from Meeting Planners International (MPI). As reference, we won a Crystal award from the Society of Incentive Travel Executives for the best themed party of 7 nights for Chrysler Canada