Wholesale Tourism

Wholesale Tourism

A wholesaler tourism company usually creates and markets inclusive tours and FITs for sale through travel agents offering performing essentially travel at lower rates than a person or business could get by booking their travel on their own, will help your business better understand which services to choose.

Emark group® is the largest “Travel Network” in Mexico for the leisure traveler dedicated to provide outstanding customer service and memorable experiences in the most important beach resorts and cities within the country.

Our efforts are focused in Customer Service, Logistics Performance, Marketing Consultancy, Sales Planning, Resource Management and Operations. Focused to serve the most important tourism segments all over destinations where we render services; thus having the right direction within our core tourist segments

As a DMC “Destination Management Company”, we are an extension of your company, representing and rendering services accordingly the prestigious image that your company symbolizes at destination accordingly within the following nature business segments. Also to perform any ground requirement.

Full Inclusive Tour; FIT, full inclusive tour packages (FITs) is an important part of the individual leisure traveler segment for us excelling our personalized concierge customer service. Today traveling individually can be very attractive. Nowadays are multiple options where a potential traveler can choose from, such as itinerary scheduled programs to electronic travel options; prices range according to the day a flight is booked as well as the category of the hotel.

Charters; another version of travel, less expensive and convenient, since many of them originate within cities that do not have a direct connection to a resort destination, the frequencies are sometimes four to seven nights a week. The consumer has the possibility to obtain better quality of hotel properties, sightseeing tours and entertainment, since prices based in volume. At emark group® we had serviced the most important and robust Charter firms for its programs in Mexico within thousands of travelers simultaneously in our different destinations.

Cruises; this is a specialized service market for tours and activities to the passengers of cruise business at the Mexican resort destinations such as the Caribbean and the Pacific coast. Most of the ships offer day tours only, since they do not stay in the port overnight mostly. Cruising it can be a good option of sightseeing different venues. This is a competitive market segment, at emark group® we have permits rendering services to the cruise line guest and to service tours and attractions while the cruise is at dock.