We are ready to hear about your plans. We can tailor anything for different needs. We promise to surpass your expectations for your events or any request while we Plan, Produce & Coordinate without worrying about the logistics.

Meetings, Incentives, Congresses, Exhibitions (MICE)

As a receptive agency DMC – Destination Management Company and Event Organizers established since 1980, we are up to date in our different destinations based in our daily operations, being “Expertise’s” , our aim is to become your Prefrered Partner & One Stop Shop in Mexico.

Offering Top level technologies to our Projects while Planning, Producing, Designing (Displays, Stands, Stages), Infrastructure, Registration and many more, mainly in Cancun, Acapulco, Mexico city and León, we can also operate in any part of the country performing successfully and memorable events thru our exceptional and unmatched synergic alliances within our partner companies.

emark group® is the best Business to Business network for this kind of events, dedicated to provide specialized logistics and outstanding customer service while collaborating cautiously and minutely taking care of every detail confectioning one sized suit for every client in the most important beach resorts and cities within Mexico.

Incentive Travel

In this particular segment; creativity is the number one ingredient in lieu to deliver Memorable Theme parties,Built team interaction programs, events at spectacular or unique venues such as museums, archaelogical sites and landmarks. Specific details mark big differences while obtaining exceptional results.

The additional revenue that produces this specialized market segment is very attractive, sometimes even with small deluxe programs that want to pay top dollar.

emark group® throughout its network organizes awards that commercial organizations grant to their outstanding elements, mostly from the sales department. Participants are those that managed to exceed their goals. The philosophy of this kind of trip is to offer something extraordinary that they could hardly make in an individual way. It is a motivational tool that forms part of an integral incentive program that is more on demand each day.


Currently with a substantial client base of Mexican Conventions in various destinations. Almost all emark group®network is favored by the convention planners, for its facilities in communications, hotels, special venues and top quality services.

We often are being chosen to handle conventions, because of our capacity to provide related services such as; registration, name tags, set up stands and modules, airport transfers, rotating transportation, VIP’s special programs, specialized software development and more.


The preparation of the Congress takes several years some times and is the work in conjunction with the head committee of the Associations that are responsible for the event National or International. From this point on our labor begins with showing the benefits of the Destination and the facilities in communications, hotels, convention centers and other vital sites of importance necessary to the good development of the Congress. We at emark group® are familiar with all these ingredients and we underline in conjunction with our collaborators and the organizer committee a plan of logistic to follow which includes times and movements and a plan of action.

Corporate Events

We will plan your event from start to finish handling every detail, so you can focus in what is important.. Your company, Our event planners will make it happen, focusing along deseired experience, surpasing expectatives within application into the creation and development of large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. It involves studying the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics, and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event.

at emark group® we understand your objectives while estabishing timelines selecting a venue as well in sourcing and managing suppliers within managing budgets, marketing ans communications addresing every detail as well to organize , ti provide creativity while planning and rehearsal.

We will cater exclusively & memorable experiences for your Group as for Leisure or Corporate , helping to defne a plan as for relaxing or adventurous selection, as well to provide full elements to desired results. Our group planners will look forward to the best available and accurate solutions for your group requirements.

Tailor Made Events

The sky is the limit ,being comprehensive with the general idea to develop around a Tailor made event can be fantastic, as we will be working along with capable , suitable ideas accordingly with your requirements. We will also be suggesting depending of the season of the year the best accurate venues, food, entretainment and the list goes ,caring of every detail customizing as desired.

Group Activities

Accordingly to your profile group, we will be suggesting the best and enjoyable group activities offering a memorable integration for participants.

Theme Parties

We understand that providing the right themed parties can transport guests to live & experience desired results while providing an array of decorative touches and thematic elements to add to your next holiday party. We can transform any venue or location into any un imaginable ideas. Your company can escape the mundane and to custom with live entertainment, music and more.


Mexico is the most Romantic Country to be married; there are hideaways at many of the most charming destinations in the beaches of the Pacific or Caribbean; as well as the Colonial Cities have unique and original historical sites to celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion.

We at emark group® are specialists in arranging the dream of your life to come true, anywhere in Mexico.
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Whether you’re interested in simple elegant touches , a fancy and modern cocktail party lounge or a total jaw dropping transformation with the most recommended chefs and catering mobiliary we will put all together to your event. We also can decor hotel rooms for your guests in advance with special detailed and exquisite thematic presents.

For emark group®, it is a matter of extreme importance to handle sensibly the trip experience of our distinguished customers; therefore we must assure that the interaction with our personnel and suppliers takes place without complexity, but with entire satisfaction.

We do help to make trip experiences as pleasant as possible, thus two standardized statements are defined for this purpose:

*To excellently differentiate offered ground services
*To be consistent on customer service and trip experience offered to our distinguished customers.

Emark staff is integrated by selected elements, which have been trained and prepared by advanced knowledge leadership in lieu to render top quality and efficiency as well.

Local Experts

Complementary Customer Service offered complemetary to all of our clients prior arrival , in destination or post travel. At emark group® we count only with Local Experts certified representatives which they can assit you personally into hotel briefing areas which are mainly in every lobby at the hotels granting a professional experience to assit you wheter you need local information, tips, what´s hot, reserving or re confirming an included tour as well too review departure flight information and to stablish a pick up time for your departing flight.

Concierge Service

Focused for people who wants upscale private services such as romantique special dinners in a provate location beach by the mooinlight or want to reserve a mansion or a trip in a jet. Only for connoseurs with high deamands looking for catered tailored experiences with exotic interests and want to be apart from the crowd and for connoseurs.

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