emark group® Travel Agency Concierge Services is the one and only “Travel Network” for the leisure travel industry in Mexico dedicated to provide specialized logistics and outstanding customer service in the most important beach resorts and cities within the country.

Conscious at all times from the multiple options available where a traveler can choose. We offer a narrowed aternative to fit from, such as itinerary scheduled programs to electronic travel options; prices range according to the day a flight is booked as well as the category of the hotel to deliver exceptional travel experiences pre and post traveling generating memorability through details.

Tours & Activities

At emark group® you will find a wide variety of tours & activities with our own supervisation in Mexico special for every kind of interest , from the Baja California across all the Mexican Pacific down to Huatulco, Oaxaca as well for the Mexican Caribbean for Cancun & Riviera Maya. Also we have also worldwide alliences to provide them in the rest of the countries with guaranteed quality & offerings.


Providing upscale transfers in shared and private basis with our own recent model vehicles mainly from airports to hotels, cruise & ferry piers, bus stations, dinners and others from Los Cabos, BCS and down across all the pacific to Huatulco, Oaxaca continuing for the Mexican Caribbean for Cancun & Riviera Maya. Also we have worldwide alliences to provide them in the rest of the countries.


Having a select list of Yachts & Deep sea fishing sports in Mexico for you mainly in Los Cabos , Puerto Vallrta, Acapulco, Ixtapa, Huatulco , Cancun & Riviera Maya, offering a a diverse variety of embarkation accordingly your intresest and budget. You will have a lifetime experience which you can decide to go for a private beach for snorkeling or to look for some dolphins while navigating and suntaning on deck or even to whale watching seasonly.


A select list of Beachfront Villas or at in Private hills located in Mexico mainly in Los Cabos , Puerto Vallrta, Acapulco, Ixtapa, Huatulco, Cancun & Riviera Maya , accordingly your intresest and budget. You can reserve a property and libe like a king during your stay we can facilitate in addition to the Villa a Butler, Chefs, maid cleaning ,all incusive drinks and food , which you can have a memorable Vacations surronded by the ones you love. Please contact us to experience a memorable experience.


Within more than 120,000 hotels worldwide, we are able to reserve within the best available rates due our intelligent dynamic system to overlook the best deals in real time , so hurry up, quote with us and take advantage in advance for our hot deals, we also have special rates for advanced reservations.


Wide variety of selected and diverse packages stressfree, selecting your desired date including hotel + flights , you also can add any additional service to make your vacation the most complete as you want.


Take advantage of your vacation and get to know different spots as for rich and cultural sites in our Pre established multicultural Circuits. Learn about different customs & traditions at many different local villages in a desired journey, you can also be participative in some venues in elaboration of any handcrafts or meals or tasting different savours and cultures. Circuits must vary from duration and it is all included hotels, transportation, attractions, meals and many more.Contact us to quote a desired journey.


Relax on board in our different Cruise selected lines which we have for you. Enjoy different views while you are serviced in an all incusive journey navigating in the seas. We have diverse routes across the globe to embark with us , Please contact us for a quote and plan this kind of adventure.